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A Look at Townships

County Commissioner Carl Carder focuses on township news pulled from archives.
Daviess County Townships

McVeigh juror to Boston:

As jurists weigh the fate of convicted terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev after the Boston marathon bombing, a jurist who joined in the unanimous decision to impose the death penalty on another terrorist almost 20 years ago says: "I hope you can live with your decision..."
Boston NPR Interview

Alumni Reunite Soon

Read the latest GHS Alumni newsletter about plans for the All Alumni Reunion on Memorial Day Weekend, May 22-25...
Gallatin Alumni Newsletter

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Poosey Digest: The world’s ending, Herbie boy!

Greetings from Poosey.

Husband Herb is always so disappointed when the world is scheduled to come to an end and nothing happens. Y2K was a bust. The Hale-Bopp comet fizzled out. Everyone from the Jehovah’s Witnesses to Charles Wesley have tried and failed to predict the end of the world, leaving poor old Herb with the depressing notion that this thing is going to go on forever.

I keep telling

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Poosey Digest: Bye, bye cell phones, IPods, IPads, IPoofs, IPiffles, and I-rritations

Greetings from Poosey.

It’s an old Russian custom from the pre-Soviet days: at the end of every year the residents of many villages or derevnias would make an inventory of their houses. They’d pick out anything that they wanted to get rid of and pile it in the middle of the town square. The heap of discarded household items would remain their until New Year’s Day and if the old

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Poosey Digest: Simply moved by a spirit

Greetings from Poosey.

I can remember my grandpa telling us, “But the biggest treat of Christmas when I was a boy was the orange. You never seen an orange in the summertime, much less out of season in winter, but at Christmas we each had an orange in our stocking. I reckon that was just about the best treat I ever ate!”

Oh, what we’d all give to live in

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Poosey Digest: Christmas-ers and Holiday-ites

Greetings from Poosey.

Marge is a wrapper. I mean a super-duper, Olympic quality, world-class package decorator. She’s technically retired but once a year she goes to work for a local store as its gift wrapper. She’s so good that some folks actually shop at that store just to be blessed with a gift so spectacularly bedecked that more than once the recipient has had to be persuaded to tear into

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Poosey Digest: Fact inflation

Greetings from Poosey.

The holiday season is no time to be “dissing” mothers and grandmothers, but every time the winter wind starts whipping down the street and up my skirt I’ve got to doubt the wisdom of my maternal relatives.

Not that your mom or grandma would actually lie to you, but I’ve got to wonder if they didn’t stretch things a bit as we were growing up. I suppose

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Poosey Digest: A part of who we are

Greetings from Poosey.

Mrs. Lillith, Poosey’s oldest resident, still washes her “delicates” by hand and hangs them on a clothesline strung across her back yard. She still checks her watch to see how long she’s been on the phone, and she beats her own rugs.

Mrs. Lillith only stopped raising her own laying hens a few years ago when the town passed an ordinance against livestock within the village limits.

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Poosey Digest: The blessing of thanks-giving

Greetings from Poosey.

They said it was a straight-line wind – one of those blasts out of the west that just swoop down and tear the living heck out of things, and then they’re gone. Frankly, it doesn’t matter much if you’re hit by a tornado or a straight-line. The shingles on your house and the awning on your front porch don’t much care whether the wind is swirling or

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Poosey Digest: A new Christmas tradition? Let’s do it!

Greetings from Poosey.

I seldom turn to husband Herb for advice, but I was flummoxed. “Herb, somebody sent me an email that I think would make a dandy column. Should I just outright steal the idea?”

“No more than folks pay attention to what you write, what’s the difference?”

“But do you think it’s moral to steal somebody else’s ideas?”

“From what I’ve seen of your newspaper stuff you’ve stolen

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Poosey Digest: Pass the cornflakes

Greetings from Poosey.

We had two choices: this channel or that channel. You could walk down the streets of Poosey, peek into the windows at 8 p.m. and it’s a guarantee that they’d be watching Ed Sullivan or Gunsmoke. There were no other choices. Even your bedtime was pre-determined since the signal went dead after the late-night news. Oh, we didn’t have the sublime luxury of choosing between 2000 shows

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