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Fire fighters responded to a pickup on fire at the Superior Auto Wash off South Main Street in Gallatin Thursday afternoon:

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Ranking 2,604th Among the 3,111

I have friends who have lived in numerous locations throughout the world who choose to call Daviess County home. That’s about the nicest compliment we can expect, a “them” wanting to join “us.” And yet, I can’t help but sometimes wonder, “Why?”


Certainly, when it comes to climate and scenery, we don’t particularly stand out. We have no mountain views (Goat Mountain just outside Gallatin doesn’t count). We have no

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Out of Touch

by Freida Marie Crump

Greetings from Poosey.

The woman was incensed …out of her mind angry.

“Freida, I tried to call you twice this morning!”

PooseyDigest_WP“Happens a lot, Mildred.”

“Twice! Why didn’t you answer?”

“I wasn’t near a phone.”

“You don’t have a cell phone?”

“Sure I do. I just didn’t have it with me. Like I said, happens a lot.”

“What’s the use of having a cell phone if

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Two Kinds of People

by Pastor Steve Ellison

Someone has rightly said, “There are only two kinds of people in churches: those who talk about the lost and those who talk to the lost.”

In John 4 an uncommon man stopped at a well for a conversation with a common and less than respectable woman. As the rest of the busy world went about its business, Jesus spoke truth to this woman. When she

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Small is Not a Four Letter Word

In today’s news there was an article about small colleges and their struggles. It is common to think bigger is better, and students often choose a college by its size assuming they will get a bigger/better education at the big school.

ShepherdCalls_WPThe article caught my attention because I am the product of a small school. In 1957 I graduated from Union University in Jackson, TN. At that time, the school

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Transparency Taken to a Future Level

We appreciate reader comments. It’s not that we like hearing complaints, but at least it confirms that people are reading. Sometimes there’s even a compliment in the mix.

Recently we published minutes from the Daviess County Board of Equalization meetings. This isn’t the kind of fluff you read on Facebook or even the lighter fare you read elsewhere. Choosing what you read is like eating at a smorgasbord. There are

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Labor for the Master

A pastor invited me to fill a church pulpit. It was Father’s Day. I mentioned I might bring a Father’s Day message. “Oh, that’s a secular holiday. We don’t pay any attention to those,” my colleague replied.

There are several secular celebrations absent from our Christian calendar. A wise pastor/church will take note of them. For example, soon we will celebrate Labor Day. Few things touch us more than our

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The Blessings of a Traveling BBM

by Freida Marie Crump

Greetings from Poosey.

A couple of disturbing surveys were released this week. I read that two vital pillars of our society take a drastic slam in the summertime. Once the hot weather hits, both church attendance and blood donations take a severe dip. Some studies show that the number of butts in pews decrease by as much as 30% as the dual sirens of golf and

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Hurry Up, Sylvie … Slow Down, Sylvie!

You’d better hurry up, Sylvia. You’ve got a lot of catchin’ up to do. You almost missed your first family vacation.

You’re only four months old and so you almost missed the first chapter in what I hope becomes a family tradition. This past weekend was the first time our clan attempted a long weekend together at Branson. Nine adults were almost outnumbered by seven youngsters (ages 9-6-3-2-2-1 and you,

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Hotel Breakfasts

by Freida Marie Crump

Greetings from Poosey.

PooseyDigest_WPThey call them First World Problems, those gripes that would make Third World citizens roll their eyes in disgust at our affluent lifestyles. “My $6 Starbucks latte came with one espresso instead of two,” “My dad bought me my first car today and it’s a used BMW instead of a new one,” or maybe, “My iPhone broke! My world is over!” …as all

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