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Graphics Designer/Customer Service. Full time weekdays only, paid vacation. Must multi-task with willingness and ability to learn quickly. People skills required. Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, phone etiquette necessary. Email resume, including wage history, to [email protected] at Gallatin Publishing Co., 609B South Main.

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The Shepherd Calls: Like Mother, Like Daughter

ShepherdCalls_WPby Dr. H. Wade Paris

It was late in 1954 when I first met the young lady who would become the mother of my children. There was nothing particularly unusual about that visioning. I was in the choir of our church, and she was sitting in the congregation a few rows back. Since I was a new member, it was likely the first time I had ever seen her. I

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Small is Not a Four Letter Word

In today’s news there was an article about small colleges and their struggles. It is common to think bigger is better, and students often choose a college by its size assuming they will get a bigger/better education at the big school.

ShepherdCalls_WPThe article caught my attention because I am the product of a small school. In 1957 I graduated from Union University in Jackson, TN. At that time, the school

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Labor for the Master

A pastor invited me to fill a church pulpit. It was Father’s Day. I mentioned I might bring a Father’s Day message. “Oh, that’s a secular holiday. We don’t pay any attention to those,” my colleague replied.

There are several secular celebrations absent from our Christian calendar. A wise pastor/church will take note of them. For example, soon we will celebrate Labor Day. Few things touch us more than our

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Social media reported hitchBOT, Canada’s hitchhiking robot, spent the night on a park bench in Philadelphia on Friday, July 31. Someone presumably gave it a “hitch” (ride) and then left it in a tourist area on the bench. Here hitchBOT fell into harmful hands and was destroyed.

ShepherdCalls_WPPrior to its destruction, hitchBOT hitchhiked across Canada, Germany and the Netherlands. It came to its demise in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly

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What is God Like?

Sit down and write a page about what you think God is like. Fill in as many details as you can. You can’t write a whole page? Okay, write a paragraph. Be specific. I can tell you with certainty; God is not like that.

ShepherdCalls_WPEven with the benefit of the Bible, we tend to think of God in terms which suit us. For example, when we read a scripture passage

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God… In Everything

When I say, “God is in it all” or “God is in everything,” please don’t take me to be a pantheist. I do not think everything is God. However, I do believe God is in everything. I picture our world as a huge sponge filled with the presence of God. Nevertheless, that conviction can be troubling. Here is an example.

ShepherdCalls_WPTo entertain my great grandson who loves fish, I purchased

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ShepherdCalls_WPSeventy plus years ago, Dr. Ruth Westheimer was a ten year old girl on a Kindertransport, a train that carried Jewish children to safety from Nazi Germany. She was allowed to take only one toy with her as she fled Frankfurt. She took a favorite doll. On the train she met a younger child, who was understandably crying. Painfully Ruth gave the young girl her doll. “She needed it more

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Instruments of Destruction

He was my great, great nephew, my niece’s grandson. Sadly, he is gone at 19. He proved, unfortunately, what most of us know – guns are to children (especially boys) what flowers are to bees. They will get together.

The weapon was “put away,” locked in a safe at home. The key was hidden in his grandmother’s purse, but he found the key and the gun. He called his grandmother

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It was my birthday, a big one. My wife decided I needed a birthday party. Perhaps she assumed I would not be available for many more. Lovingly, she set the wheels in motion. At first, she planned it to be a surprise; but we have difficulty keeping secrets from each other, and soon the “cat was out of the bag.”

ShepherdCalls_WPWhen she realized I was on to her, she began

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