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Try to Ruin Scrooge’s Day

by Freida Marie Crump

PooseyDigest_WPGreetings from Poosey.

Christmas is probably not the most appropriate time of year to think of skinflints, but every time the yuletide seasons rolls around I think of the various Scrooges I’ve met in my life.

One of the weirdest ducks to ever waddle ‘round Poosey was a minister. I won’t mention the denomination lest the Methodists get angry. I’ll call him Pastor Bob since I

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Are We Smiling?

Dw.cdrWhat do you think about whenever you walk or drive along the east side of the Gallatin square?

It’s hard to overlook the gaping hole in the middle of the block. The business buildings line up like teeth in a smile, and the “front tooth” that the fire took out infects the whole town. We’re all anxious to see what, if anything, fixes the gap.

The same can be said

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Losing Our Sense of Humor

by Freida Marie Crump

PooseyDigest_WPGreetings from Poosey.

It was a tiny item on page three of the Chicago Tribune… one of those curiosity items to the fill space on an otherwise un-newsworthy Monday morning. Lt. Brian Keller used his unmarked Dodge Charger with emergency lights to pull over his son’s school bus. The boy had forgotten to take his lunch to school so, as a sort of a joke, Keller

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God’s Missionary Heart

by Pastor Steve Ellison

Christmas is the story of the world’s greatest mission trip. This mission trip accomplished more and cost more than all the world’s other religious mission trips combined.

Genesis 3 records the reason for this mission trip. It was a response to the most terrible and dastardly rebellion the world has ever seen. Created beings conspired against their good and benevolent Creator.

The two highest forms of

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Good Thinking: Jesus in a Box

by Dr. Don Kuehle

We have a family tradition. The weekend after Thanksgiving, when all our family is together at the same time in the same place, we decorate the house for Christmas. We get out all the boxes. And as we unpack each box of Christmas decorations, we remember Christmases past, we recall with love when and where and from whom each decorative piece came. Then comes the dilemma

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Light a Candle for the Shepherds

ShepherdCalls_WPThe angels were celestially shocked when they heard God would send His son Jesus to earth. They were momentarily mortified when they learned He would be born in a barn. But, they were divinely delighted when they were instructed to go to earth and announce His birth.

However, they fell into an angelic argument over who would be the first to receive the divine disclosure. The Pompous Angel said a

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Give Thanks for All Things

Dw.cdrIt’s been a very, very stressful week.

Literally minutes after finishing up pages to send to the imagesetter and before the press actually got rolling on last week’s edition, priorities changed. We were physically stunned by the news. While standing in confusion and cradled in a hurting grandmother’s arms, a telephone call confirmed the unthinkable. My 2-year-old grandson, Tucker, would be in surgery within hours to remove a brain tumor

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Letter to the Editor: A Pit Bull South of Town

Dear Editor:

This is a letter of concern about the safety of people in our area.

On Monday evening, Nov. 22, my daughter was delivering a birthday gift for her friend’s daughter at their home on Hwy. 13 south of Gallatin. As she drove in, she observed a sign which read “Beware of Dog.” She saw a large German Shepherd and a smaller fluffy dog approach her car. When she

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What Lies Ahead

by Lee H. Hamilton

Given all the words and images devoted to the midterm elections over the past few weeks, you’d think the results had told us something vital about the future of the country. In reality, they were just a curtain-raiser. It’s the next few weeks and months that really matter.

The big question, as the old Congress reconvenes and prepares to make way for next year’s version, is

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