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Letter to the Editor: Talk of a Slaughterhouse

Dear Editor:

This letter is not about whether eating meat is right or wrong. I am a meat eater, but I believe that we need to draw the line when it comes to eating an animal who has served mankind in the way the horse has. Man has relied on the horse for thousands of years. They have been instrumental in the founding of civilizations since ancient times. Millions have

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1 Comment To "Letter to the Editor: Talk of a Slaughterhouse"

#1 Comment By Evolved_Economics On July 10, 2013 @ 10:44 pm

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. While you have no ill will toward any plant owner, you appear to advocate against the plant opening. You can not see how a civilized and caring nation would turn their back on these animals.

There are definitions of civilized and caring which would abhor the gelding of animals, or the confinement of animals with fencing.

Care should be taken when removing the splinter from someone else’s eye.