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Poosey Digest: Standardized Stupidity

by Freida Marie Crump

Greetings from Poosey.

PooseyDigest_WPI think I may be Oriental-ly challenged. I’ve tried for years to use chopsticks. I sit with a group of friends at an Eastern restaurant, watch them pick up the little sticks of perdition and peck away at their food as if they were born with two slivers of wood in their hands. Meanwhile I stab along with my fork. Small children pick

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1 Comment To "Poosey Digest: Standardized Stupidity"

#1 Comment By Evolved_Economics On February 2, 2013 @ 8:58 am

Standardized tests are not intelligence tests. A child is neither brilliant nor stupid based on their individual scores. These tests provide a minimal measure of where our educational system has help our children progress. Shame on the teacher for allowing this child to consider herself “stupid”.

Your article may have been heart-felt, but was a disservice to reality. Any use of the test scores for an individual child should as a tool to plan improve in her knowledge.