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Bids accepted for construction of sewerage system

The Gallatin Board of alderman awarded contracts for the construction of a sewerage system for the city of Gallatin during their regular meeting held Monday, Aug. 23. The board accepted the low bid on the collection system from Sterling Excavation and on the treatment facility with alternate bid no. 2 from Lawhon Construction.

Sewer bids were opened on Aug. 19 and were as follows:

Collection System Bids

1. Sterling Excavation $1,386,938.90

2. Par-General $1,722,209.08

3. C-Com Inc. $1,918,724.00

Treatment Facility Bids

1. Lawhon Construction $773,760.00

2. Irvinbilt Company $778,267.00

Alternate Bid No. 1 (Mixer for sludge storer)

1. Lawhon Construction $18,200,00

2. Irvinbilt Company $23,000.00

Alternate Bid No. 2 (Clarifier)

1. Lawhon Construction $71,400.00

2. Irvinbilt Company $80,000.00

Alternate Bid No. 3 (Transfer Switch)

1. Lawhon Construction $12,300.00

2. Irvinbilt Company $6,000.00

The board approved a resolution declaring the result of the sewer bids pursuant to the published notice and advertisement for bids.

During new business, a motion carried to add a fuel adjustment on to the September utility bills that will amount to $21,021.57.

Discussion was held on electric rates.

During old business, the board voted in favor of a usage agreement for the use of Dockery Park for livestock or the Daviess County Fair events.

Police Chief Jim Wycoff updated the board on the burglary at Dockery Park.

The Boy Scouts were operating the snack bar at the primary baseball diamond near the main park building. Sometime after a game ended the building was locked up and after that a person, or persons, unknown, used a pry tool (probably a large screw driver or tire iron) to damage the hasp and lock securing the door sufficiently to gain entry. They took food, beverages, candy, a hot dog cooking machine, etc. Most of the proceeds of the burglary have either been consumed, destroyed, or otherwise disposed of. Chief Wycoff stated that the police have developed suspects and the paperwork is almost completed to be sent to the proper authorities to have formal charges presented.

He also updated the board on the robbery at Caseys.

Chief Wycoff submitted a sample convenience store ordinance for the board to consider in the city of Gallatin. Mr. Dougherty will have an ordinance ready for the first September meeting.

Bills in the amount of $66,858.34 were paid as presented.

During comments by the city administrator, Mr. Dougherty discussed police officer applications.

During comments by aldermen, Doyle Patton wanted to know about having a paint recovery day. Mr. Dougherty explained that the organization that has done this in the past is out of grant money right now, and doesn’t believe it would be possible.

Mr. Patton also inquired about the street work. Mr. Dougherty stated that the work should start back up again in about two weeks as an employee had to have surgery.

Gene Caldwell had complaints on two potholes on West Richardson Street.

During comments by the mayor, John Thomas discussed wanting to help kids find a place to skateboard. He also is trying to help get doctors to locate here, as the city is losing doctors.

The above are the unapproved minutes of the regular meeting for the city of Gallatin held on Monday, Aug. 23, 2004, at city hall. Present were Mayor John Thomas, aldermen Bob Snidow, Doyle Patton, Gene Caldwell, Pat Baker; City Administrator Toby Dougherty, City Clerk Autumn Acree; Police Chief Jim Wycoff; Brian Nail and Norma Griffin.